Designers’ Palette: Exploring Color Trends

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As designers, we are always looking for the newest and most exciting thigns in order to stay ahead of the trend. One way to do this is to explore color trends in the design world. Designers’ Palette: Exploring Color Trends is the perfect way to do just that. Through this article, we will be looking at some of the hottest color trends happening right now and how they can be used in creative and innovative ways. Get ready to add some bright and beautiful colors to your designs!

From the muted pastels of the Scandinavian countryside to the alluring brights of the Mediterranean, we’ve rounded up the essential colour trends of 2021 for designers. Whether you’re updating a website, re-branding a business, or designing a new home, these swatches are an invaluable tool in your creative arsenal.

Muted Neutrals

  • Putty: a warm grey that creates a cozy atmosphere
  • Mushroom: an earthy, muted tan with brown undertones
  • Grasscloth: a muted sage green that evokes natural fibers
  • Vanilla Custard: a subtle yellow-cream with a hint of Apricot

Earthy Browns

  • Caramelized: a smooth, creamy coffee shade
  • Quicksand: an ah-inducing soothing russet
  • Chestnut Brown: a deep, sultry warm hue
  • Creamy Cocoa: a luxurious, silky taupe

Fresh Brights

  • Azure Skies: a punchy bright blue with unexpected depth
  • Grape Jelly: a juicy raspberry tone with delightful depth
  • Citrine: a happy yellow-orange with fiery vibrancy
  • Tangelo: a zesty tangerine shade with a welcoming pop

With these colour trends you’ll be hard pressed to pick just one palate; you might find yourself mixing them to get unexpected combinations. So don your creative hat and put your colour combos to the test – the future of design awaits.

2. Creating an Enchanting Color Palette: Tips for Designers

Designers that want to capture a sense of enchantment need to focus on achieving a deceptive balance between opposites. Embellishments can be used to add mythical or surreal aesthetic touches, while the color palette will be essential in evoking a sense of fantasy. Here are some top tips for designers looking to create an enchanting color palette.

1. Pay Attention to Accent Colors
The right colors need to be selected in order to convey the desired emotions of the piece. Accent colors can be used to invoke surprise or drama, or to ensure a subtler and more refined feel. Before setting on a specific set of colors, take a look at the artwork that will be impacting the piece and identify which hues to emphasize for the most impact.

2. Select Colors With Saturation and Contrast in Mind
In order to achieve a mesmerizing look, colors should have a balanced level of saturation. Colors that are too bright will stand out too much. Those that are too dull, however, will not stand out enough. Also, consider how the colors play in relation to each other. A combination of high contrast colors will make the design more vivid and visually interesting.

3. Incorporate an Unfamiliar Color Scheme
Including a color scheme that is unfamiliar and unique can create a sense of mystique. It could be anything from cool blues combined with tangerine to a mix of very light pastels. This look won’t be for everyone, but can be the key to a stunning design.

4. Draw upon Nature
Nature can be a great source of inspiration. Look for themes such as twilight, snow, rain, fog, and other elements that have a certain dreamlike quality. Selecting colors from nature can add a unique texture to a simple design.

5. Consider Magical or Ancient Figurative Palettes
Working with colors from a magical or ancient figurative palette can also add an ancient and mysterious appeal. This could be based on runes, hieroglyphs or a fantasy universe. These schemes can provide an array of colors with an edgy and timeless feel.


Neutrals are still trending in 2021, but with a few minor changes. Dark and moody shades are replacing light and airy taupes and grays, making for a dramatic yet calming interior effect. There are plenty of options in the neutral paint color range, from rich chocolate tans to deep, moody blues.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones continue to be a popular choice for both paint and accessories. Neutral tones like olive green, sepia brown, and beige are great for accent walls, while terracotta and brick red are stunning for couches and rugs.


Pastels are back in a major way this year! From muted pink to powder blue and light green, these colors are a great way to bring a airy and peaceful feel to any room. Try using pastels on walls, furniture, or even as accent pieces for an easy and calming effect.

Saturated Blues

Saturated blues remain as one of the hottest color trends in 2021. From navy blues to teal shades, there are a range of different accents and accessories to choose from. Try adding deep blues to your kitchen, living room or bedroom for a rich and regal color palette.

Minty Greens

Minty greens will always be a classic, and 2021 is no exception. These light and refreshing tones are perfect for bringing some freshness to any space. Use minty greens for everything from displays, furnishings and throw pillows to larger furniture pieces and even walls.

4. Bringing It All Together: Making the Most Out of Color in Design

When used in the right way, color can give your design elements an extra kick of life and vibrancy. To make the most out of utilizing color in your designs, consider the following:

  • Start With a Palette – Start by picking a color palette you’d like to work with. This will help you make the most of the colors you’re working with and make it easier to create a cohesive look with color.
  • Choose Complimentary Colors – Choosing colors that complement each other will help make your design look even more dynamic. Contrasting colors can be used for emphasis and to draw attention to certain elements.
  • Consider Context – Colors can evoke different emotions, values, and associations, so it’s important to think about the context and what you want to say about your design. For example, choose warmer colors to signify warmth, or use brighter colors to signify energy.
  • Balance Colors – Try to create balance between your colors. Generally speaking, too much of one color can make your design look flat and dull, so be sure to vary it up and blend cool with warm colors.

With a few simple tweaks, you can make the most out of color in your design. Remember to be creative and experiment. Try different combinations and colors, and you’ll be sure to come up with something amazing!

As we continue to explore the world of color, Designers’ Palette has given us an exciting insight into the interesting and dynamic range of new color trends on the horizon. With this knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to creating innovative designs that pack a powerful punch.


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